Buckingham Township

The Buckingham Township is physically the biggest township in Bucks County. Buckingham Mountain and a rolling countryside, crisp lakes and streams dominate the township; rich soil and luscious greenery characterize the landscape. Due to the rich soil, agriculture has been Buckingham’s main industry since its inception. The Buckingham Township still retains a strong farm community, which contributes to the thriving economy and outstanding produce harvested by local farming professionals. Although the township is known for its long history, the community has greatly grown and developed to offer residents and visitors the modern luxuries and amenities necessary to enjoy contemporary living.

Buckingham Township Homes

The Buckingham Township has a long history that has ultimately shaped the way the town has grown and developed. Due to the wide range of settlers and European influence, wonderful old stone houses that reflect traditional English and German architectural traditions characterize the Buckingham Township Homes. The suburban neighborhoods are known for the outstanding real estate opportunities, the charming and friendly neighbors and for giving residents the privacy they crave. The town is also known for its public parks and sports fields where families can enjoy the great outdoors and indulge in a wide range of outdoor recreation and activities. Buckingham is also located just ten minutes away from Doylestown where you can also find outstanding Doylestown Borough Homes for Sale. If you would like to explore the real estate opportunities available in Buckingham, Doylestown or the surrounding areas connect with the office of Flo Smerconish Realtor. The team of experts is looking forward to hearing from you and earning your business.

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