Montgomery County PA Real Estate

Like much of the United States, the low point in the housing market over the last ten years fell between 2012 and 2013. The median home price floated around $300,000, at its peak, during this ten year period. During the low point, however, the prices only declined around $50,000. What this demonstrates is that Montgomery County PA real estate is very resilient to market fluctuations. As a home buyer, this lowers the risk factor of your purchase. There is less likelihood that the value of your home would decline rapidly and to such a point that you would be upside down on your loan and in a position in which it would be difficult to sell your home. 

Real Estate in Montgomery County PA

Due to the stable prices in Montgomery County PA real estate, the ability to purchase a home has not climbed at such a rate that the homes start to out price the majority of the home buyers. The median home price hovers around $280,000. Of course this will vary depending on the exact location of the property and the style and size of the home. However, this median price provides buyers with many options and areas to look into. Homes for sale Montgomery County PA may be just what you are looking for because of affordable pricing and close proximity to Philadelphia. 

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