Newtown Real Estate for Sale

Charming, agrarian, historic are some of the best words to describe the idyllic country real estate located in Newtown, PA. Situated immediately west of Trenton, NJ, Newtown is the country hide-away you’ve been looking for. Newtown Real Estate for Sale is the perfect opportunity to begin a country lifestyle in a tight-knit community. Stunning colonial homes sit alongside spacious ranches, offering rich a variety to choose from. The skilled team at Flo Smerconish Realtors has the local knowledge and expertise to show the best Newtown houses for sale.

Real Estate for Sale in Newtown

When purchasing Newtown Real Estate for Sale, you are a deep historic tie to the land. Founded in 1684, Newtown was intended as the location for Philadelphia’s country estates and once acted as General George Washington’s headquarters right before the Battle of Princeton. The homes for sale in Bucks County PA share this historic charm. Local homes reflect their colonial heritage and their farming roots. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Historic District of Newtown is a picturesque example of the old colonial style.  Don’t be fooled, though, by Newtown’s antiquity. The borough is a vibrant, energetic community with a wide array of events, activities and cultural options. Newtown’s businesses are also thriving, which helps create a dynamic place to call home. 

For the very best guidance in Newtown Real Estate for Sale, look to the team at Flo Smerconish Realtors to provide dedicated expertise and find the country home you’ve been looking for. 


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